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Kindergrill basteln

Kids barbecue craft

Play barbecue tinker

IKEA HACK for the summer
Kindergrill basteln

Chill the lemonade, we want to make a play barbecue

Kindergrill basteln IKEA hack

What you need for play barbecue:

Step-by-step instructions

Kindergrill basteln Schritt 1

Step 1: Screw the box to the stool

Firstly, assemble the UTTER stool according to the instructions. Then place the TROFAST box on the seat of the stool. Now pre-drill two holes to connect the stool and the box.

Kindergrill basteln Schritt 2

Step 2: Attach the knobs and handles

Now drill the holes for the handles in your Trofast box. And now you can simply screw on the colourful knobs and handles. It already looks like a real play barbecue!

Kindergrill basteln Schritt 3

Step 3: The lid becomes the grill grate

Now, of course, comes the most important thing: our barbecue grill! You can get the decal FEURIG from us at Limmaland. Simply stick it onto the lid and you're ready to go!

DÄCKEL - The new alternative to the TROFAST lid

Unfortunately, the TROFAST lids are currently sold out at IKEA and will probably be removed from the range completely. We have developed an alternative for anyone who does not yet have a TROFAST lid at home, so that you don't have to do without the play barbecue.

Making charcoal for the play barbecue

So that the little barbecue masters can barbecue like the grown-ups, we now have a great idea for a very special accessory. Because charcoal is a must, of course! All you need is a few pebbles that you spray with black paint. And the charcoal for the play barbecue is ready.
Kindergrill basteln Holzkohle

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