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Zahlenspiel basteln

Tinker with numbers: IKEA hack with free craft template

Zahlenspiel basteln

Craft a numbers game: IKEA hack with free craft template

Your little ones still have so much to learn. From the ABC to the Pythagorean theorem ... But not so fast! Let's start small first. With our do-it-yourself number game, you can easily practise counting with your children. Whether in kindergarten or at home. We have prepared a colourful craft template for you, which you can download for free.

Practise counting with the IKEA Hack

Children start counting in kindergarten. Of course, they can use their fingers to help them. But even with that it's not so easy ... what comes right after the 7?

Don't worry about your difficulties with maths. I can assure you that mine are even greater.

Well, if that's not a consolation from the famous Albert Einstein himself! So that your mice don't get into trouble with maths in the first place, but - on the contrary - get a better idea of the meaning of the individual numbers, we have a very simple number game ready for you. The learning game can be made in no time at all. So, let's get started!

Zahlenspiel basteln

What you need for the DIY educational game

How to make the numbers game

Have you got all the materials together ? Then we can get started! You'll be amazed at how quickly you can prepare a great game.

Step 1: Print out the template and cut it out

Let's get started! Firstly, download the free craft template from . Then print it out. We recommend using a slightly thicker sheet of paper. This will make your DIY number game more robust and prevent it from tearing so quickly. Ready? Then grab the scissors and cut everything out. The large wheel with the coloured triangles and the small dots with the numbers.

Step 2: Attach the wheel and numbers

Now it's time to use the craft glue. Glue the small dots with the numbers to the clothes pegs with a little glue. Press down and allow to dry well. In the meantime, you can place the large wheel on the cork coaster. Use the pin to pin the wheel to the centre of the coaster. Everything bombproof? Then you can already play !

Zahlenspiel basteln

How to play the numbers game

That was some quick crafting fun, wasn't it? Then we can finally start playing. And it's also really easy. The aim of the number game for children is to pin the clothes pegs with the numbers to the corresponding field with the coloured triangles. So the square with three yellow triangles gets the clothes peg with the number 3. All clear? Then let your kids have a go!

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