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Montessori Waschmaschine

Making a washing machine with washing drum for children

Making a washing machine with washing drum for children

An IKEA hack for Montessori children's rooms
Montessori Waschmaschine mit Wäscheständer

The ultimate addition to the children's kitchen? This is definitely the laundry room. Children simply love to imitate us adults. Even when it comes to often rather unloved household chores. That's why we have another ingenious IKEA hack for you: we're making a washing machine for children! As always, it's really easy and the kids will be rewarded with lots of fun at the end. We also have another highlight: the free craft template for washing powder at play kitchen.

Washing machine for children to recreate

Our washing machine for children is once again a clever IKEA hack. The special feature is the laundry drum - so your DIY washing machine looks really real afterwards. Your children will be amazed!

Montessori Waschmaschine Anleitung

Shopping list for the children's washing machine

The washing machine for children can be assembled in next to no time. The KALLAX shelf is fitted with furniture feet and inserts. Then stick the SAUBAFIX stickers on the shelf. And the washing machine is ready!

The highlight: the DIY laundry drum

A washing machine without contents is boring. To make it look like the big ones in the laundry room, there must of course be a laundry drum.
Montessori Waschmaschine Waschtrommel Zubehör

What you need for the laundry drum

  • an IKEA VISPAD* kitchen sieve/strainer for just 1.99 euros
  • a cardboard box
  • Decorative film, e.g. Yard goods from Limmaland
  • a pencil
  • scissors or better a cutter knife
  • Hot glue
Montessori Waschmaschine Waschtrommel DIY
Montessori Waschmaschine Waschtrommel DIY
Montessori Waschmaschine Waschtrommel DIY
Montessori Waschmaschine Waschtrommel DIY

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Grab a pencil and off you go. Firstly, place the colander on the cardboard and trace the outline. Then use the cutter knife or scissors: cut the cardboard from the centre of the drawn circle to approx. 1 cm before the outline. Make sure you leave a centimetre of space between this and the drawn circle, as the sieve will then be inserted into the cardboard and should stay in place - don't let it slip through ;)
  2. Now it's time for the finishing touches: the decorative foil is used to make the whole thing look nicer. Stick the decal onto the cardboard. Leave out the cut hole. Finished? Then you can insert the sieve into the cardboard box and fix it to the edge with hot glue.
  3. Now just place the cardboard box with the colander in the washing machine compartment of the KALLAX shelf. It is best to attach the cardboard box to the inside of the KALLAX shelf through the opening. This will make it more stable and prevent everything from falling apart while playing.

Washing machine for children

Now it's time for the stickers! Grab our SAUBAFIX* sticker set and get sticking. The small details make for extra fun for your little ones. NEW: The Saubafix decal are now also available individually, e.g. for the play kitchen.

Montessori Waschmaschine Kinderküche

Making washing powder with a freebie

Of course, a washing machine also needs the right detergent. And you can download this from us free of charge - simply fill in the form and we'll send you the link to the craft template by e-mail. Simply print it out and you're ready to make your detergent boxes.

Even more hacks for the launderette

And what's still missing in the laundry room? The Montessori clothesline at child height, of course.

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