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Montessori Wäscheständer Waschmaschine

Montessori DIY clothes horse for children

Montessori: DIY clothes horse for children

Children want to do everything - including hanging out the washing. We show you how you can easily make a clothes horse for children.

Montessori Wäscheständer Waschmaschine
Do you know this? Our favourite little people want to imitate everything that mummy and daddy do. And that's a good thing, because little ones discover the world through imitation. And they also find even the most mundane everyday situations exciting - such as hanging out the washing. That's why we have a brand new IKEA hack ready: we're making a clothes horse for children. And as a little extra, we're giving you the laundry detergent to make yourself as a free download. Let's go!

Making a clothes horse for children

At Limmaland, we love creative ideas that help children learn through play. And as friends of Montessori education, we think it's particularly great when life is organised with children. Because the little ones can and want to do a lot themselves - including household chores, which we adults often find boring. But little people find these absolutely exciting!

Montessori Wäscheständer Materialien

What you need for the DIY clothes horse for children:

  • an IKEA JÄLL* laundry bag
  • a pair of scissors
  • a screwdriver
  • Cord (we used simple packing tape)
  • Clothes pegs

How to build the Montessori clothes horse

Montessori Wäscheständer Anleitung

Step 1: Dismantling the IKEA laundry bag

Firstly, cut the laundry bag out of the JÄLL*. This is easy to do with a pair of scissors. The frame will later serve as the basis for our mini clothes horse. Then loosen the screws that hold the frame together and remove the connecting piece.

Montessori Wäscheständer Anleitung

Step 2: Prepare the frame for the clothes horse

Now grab the cord and attach an extended connecting piece to the frame. You can base the length on the size of your child: For small children, the piece of cord will be longer and the height of the clothes horse will therefore be lower.

Montessori Wäscheständer Anleitung

Step 3: Attach the washing line

Now comes our final step. Of course, the washing line is still missing. And this is where the cord comes into play again. Simply tie five rows of cord to the frame of the clothes horse and secure the lines with a knot.

Finally play with the clothes horse for children

The DIY clothes horse is ready - and you can start playing. Grab the pegs and put the washing on the line!

Montessori Wäscheständer

Making detergent for the clothes horse

We have another little highlight for little laundry mice: We have prepared a craft template for you that you can use to make little detergent boxes in no time at all. You can download the free craft template using the form. Simply print it out, make it and start playing!

Montessori Wäscheständer Waschmittel

Matching the clothes horse: the laundry room for children

With our SAUBAFIX adhesive films, you can even create a mini launderette to match the clothes horse. The stickers are very easy to stick on and transform the Kallax shelf or play kitchen into a laundry room for children, for example.

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