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Puppenbett Ikea hack Ribba Bilderrahmen

IKEA doll's bed hack: A Barbie dream

Puppenbett Ikea hack Ribba Bilderrahmen

Doll's bed IKEA hack: A Barbie dream

Many children love playing with Barbie & Co. It's simply great fun to dress and do their hair or make up stories that send their favourite dolls on the wildest adventures . Playing with dolls is even more fun when there are also matching accessories or a real dollhousedirectly . However, this is often not that cheap. We therefore show you a great doll's bed IKEA hack with which you can easily make a great bed for Barbie's bedroom yourself from an IKEA RIBBA picture frame. And a homemade toy is usually much nicer and more individual than a store-bought one anyway - don't you think?

Puppenbett Ikea hack Ribba Bilderrahmen

What you need for the IKEA doll's bed hack:

  • IKEA RIBBA* picture frame 21 x 30
  • Plywood panel measuring 21 x 10 cm for the headrest
  • Acrylic paints
  • various fabrics or ready-made small cushions
  • Craft glue and wood glue

Building your own bed for Barbie made easy:

1. Preparing the picture frame

To turn the IKEA RIBBA picture frame into a bed for Barbie, first take the picture frame completely apart and remove the glass and the passe-partout. You can store it for another craft project . For the doll's bed, you only need the frame and the backsplash of the picture frame. Carefully separate the frame stand from the backsplash .

Puppenbett Ikea hack Ribba Bilderrahmen Zubehör

2. The back side of the picture frame with fabric laminate

Now choose a nice piece of fabric (or optionally paper) with which you would like to embellish the mattress of the bed. Take the measurements from the picture frame back side and cut the fabric to size. You can now glue the piece of fabric to the black backsplash using craft glue. This will automatically remove the two holes that were created by cutting off the stand. Now you can put the picture frame back together and it will be recognisable as a small doll's bed.

Puppenbett Ikea hack Ribba Bilderrahmen

3. Paint the plywood and attach it to the picture frame

The next step is to give the doll's bed a nice headrest. To do this, paint your piece of plywood measuring 21 x 10 cm in any colour you like. We opted for a white headboard with black dots - to match our bed linen. We used acrylic paints to paint the wood.

Puppenbett Ikea hack Ribba Bilderrahmen
Puppenbett Ikea hack Ribba

Once everything has dried well, you can attach the small headrest to the top edge of the picture frame using wood glue. After a few minutes, everything will be nice and firm. Now the only thing missing from the IKEA Hack doll's bed is the matching bed linen. After all, you can only sleep really well in cosy bed linen.

Puppenbett Ikea hack Ribba Bettwäsche

4. Sewing bed linen for Barbie

You can easily sew a few pillows and a duvet from colourful fabric scraps and a little wadding. If you are good with a sewing machine, you can sew the bed linen for the doll's bed very quickly. But the bed linen can also be sewn very easily by hand. Perhaps you also have some play cushions and blankets that you can use for the doll's bed? The main thing is that Barbie ends up comfortable in her new IKEA bed.

Building a bed for Barbie yourself is really not that difficult and the fun is twice as great. If you are still looking for a suitable dollhouse for the doll's bed, then take a look at our wall decal for the doll's villa.

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