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Children's room boys

The children's room is the feel-good place for our favourite little people. Your little one's realm should be practical, child-friendly and cosy. As boys are often full of energy and a thirst for adventure, their room should reflect and support these characteristics as much as possible.
From classic to unusual - we'll show you the best furnishing ideas and cleverest IKEA hacks that you can use to create the perfect children's room for your boys.



Decal for IKEA FLISAT children's stool

Decal for IKEA FLISAT children's stool


 Decal for IKEA FLISAT children's table

Decal for IKEA FLISAT children's table


Sticker set 24 pieces

Sticker set 24 pieces


Designing a children's room for boys

When decorating your boys' nursery, we recommend that you design the room around a theme that your kids particularly like. As they will be spending a lot of time in their nursery, it is very important that your boys feel comfortable and cosy in it.

Children usually communicate their wishes clearly, which is why you should always involve your kids when designing their room. This also promotes a sense of community! It also allows your little rascals to build a personal bond with their self-designed room.

Classic themes for children's room design for boys include FEUERWEHR, animals or dinosaurs.

  • Safari and jungle design
    Safari and jungle design
    A children's room with a safari or jungle look is an absolute dream for many children.
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  • Children's room fire brigade
    Children's room fire brigade
    Ready for action in the fire brigade room for little heroes!
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  • Children's room dinosaurs
    Children's room dinosaurs
    Discover the best ideas for your little dinosaur fans and design the perfect dinosaur kids' room with our foils.
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Furnishing the boys' room in the right colour

When it comes to the right colour for boys, most people think of blue or green. In fact, there is little reason not to decorate your boys' bedroom in these colours.

  • Shades of blue have a calming and harmonious effect and are often associated with the sky or the sea. The colour blue is therefore ideal as a furniture or wall colour. Alternatively, you can also use blue wall tattoos to fill empty spaces. You can find out more about wall tattoos at the end of this article.
  • The colour green stands for happiness and contentment, has a relaxing and balancing effect on the psyche and can help to encourage your little one's imagination and creativity. Tip: Combine shades of green with lighter colours such as white, grey or beige to create a harmonious picture.

But it can also be more than just blue or green. Neutral colours such as grey, taupe, mint and mustard, or bright colours such as red, yellow or purple look great in your boys' room!

Furnishing the room: Furniture in the children's room for boys

Now let's move on to furnishing the children's room. The right furniture is essential for a cosy atmosphere and the right choice is therefore the most important step in designing the room. Your boys should feel comfortable in their room and be able to let off steam, try things out and develop without any worries.

The right choice of furniture depends on various factors, such as the age of your boys, their interests, the space available and, of course, your budget. But there are also other important aspects to consider when furnishing.

Ikea Kura Kinderhochbett mit passender Klebefolie von Limmaland
Ein Junge spielt mit Bauklötzen auf dem Boden seines Kinderzimmers

Safety in the boys' room

It is very important to ensure the necessary safety so that your children can let off steam freely in their room. There are several aspects to consider:

  • Boys have a lot of energy and like to let off steam while playing and doing gymnastics in the children's room. To prevent your little rascals from injuring themselves, it is important that you choose furniture and equipment that is safe and stable and has as few sharp edges as possible. This way you can avoid unnecessary tears.
  • As children, especially boys, are very curious and always want to try out everything, it is all the more important to fit all sockets in the children's room or playroom with a socket protector so that your explorers do not come into contact with electricity.
  • If your children are still very young, it is advisable to secure the windows in the children's room so that they don't try to climb up them or open them
  • Unfortunately, there are always materials in children's toys or furniture that can be harmful to children's health. Therefore, inform yourself in advance about possible harmful substances. Our adhesive foils are all CE-tested in accordance with EU standards and are child-safe.

A children's room for boys that grows with them

Even the youngest children grow up quickly, which is why growing furniture in the children's room has so many advantages. Furniture that grows with the child can adapt to changing needs and body sizes, which can save a lot of stress in the long run. It's also easy on your wallet. Having to keep buying new furniture and furnishings can be quite expensive in the long run.

You can find even more benefits and everything you need to know about furniture that grows with your child in this blog article:

Growing children's room

IKEA KURA Kinderbett Kinderzimmer Jungen Feuerwehr
Kinderzimmer Kinderbett IKEA KURA Dino

The right bed for your boys

During the growth phase, healthy sleep is essential for your boys so that they can recover from their exciting everyday life and develop optimally. That's why the right choice of bed is so important. A bed also takes up a lot of space in the nursery, which is why the bed should be both compact and appealing to your boys.

The IKEA KURA children's bed can be set up both as a floor bed and as a bunk bed, which means that it can be used for both toddlers and primary school children. The high bed version is particularly space-efficient, as the space under the bed is perfect for use as a play area or reading corner. With our matching cotton bed curtains, the KURA children's loft bed can also be easily transformed into an adventure cave.

With our large selection of customised Limmaland adhesive foils, you can also transform the simple IKEA KURA children's bed into a real children's dream, giving the whole children's room a new look. Possible motifs for your boys' bunk bed include dinosaurs, outer space or FEUERWEHR.

IKEA TROFAST Safari Motiv Jungenzimmer
IKEA TROFAST Straße Beklebung Jungenzimmer

Create storage options for your boys

When boys start playing, the children's room is rarely spared. You're probably familiar with the situation: you enter your little rascals' room and wonder how you can get to the window without stepping on Lego bricks, blocks and figures lying around. The boys don't seem to be impressed by the constant mess.
To help your kids learn organisation and structure, it can be helpful to integrate suitable storage options into the design of the children's room.
Many parents use the practical and inexpensive TROFAST shelf from IKEA for this purpose. The shelf has several large sorting bins that provide enough storage space for most of your boys' toys.
With our matching Limmaland adhesive foils, you can transform the simple design of the IKEA TROFAST shelf into a real eye-catcher and the top panel into an enchanting play world. Our design decal for the TROFAST are also laminated for protection, so your little rascals can let off steam without you having to worry about scratches.
Popular adhesive film patterns for boys include play street, farm, jungle and WELTRAUM

Inspiration for your boys' room

Would you like to find out more about storage options?

Storage and organisation

Wall tattoos for boys

The children's room is the space in which the little ones can develop, learn, play and relax. Barren and cold walls are out of place here. Small splashes of colour, wall tattoos and decorative elements on the walls create a feel-good atmosphere and can encourage and support your boys in their creativity.
When you think of wall design, the first thing that comes to mind is painting. It's easier than wallpapering but still not exactly quick. The children's room has to be prepared, the furniture protected from the paint and then you also have to wait for the paint to dry.
It's easier and quicker to add colour to the walls with wall stickers. Wall decal adds subtle, stylish splashes of colour or cute motifs to the wall without looking overloaded. And if your boys no longer like the wall design or the children's room becomes a teenager's room, you can simply remove them again. Wall tattoos are also great for combining with coloured surfaces.

The most beautiful wall design in the boys' room

Kinderzimmer blau gestalten mit IKEA Hacks
Kinderzimmer Jungs Wandtattoo Kaufladen

Boys need space to play

In addition to all the essential elements that a children's room needs, such as a desk, chairs and bed, one thing should not be neglected: Enough space to let off steam.

Empty space in the children's room is extremely important for children as they need room to play, exercise and be creative.
Free space is particularly important for boys so that they don't bump into furniture or trip over children's room decorations and injure themselves in the process. Free space can also stimulate your kids' creativity and support their independence if they can move and organise themselves freely in their children's room.

From an organisational point of view, it also makes sense to keep some space free for new furniture or furnishings for the children's room, which will become necessary as they get older (e.g. guitar stands, bookshelves, etc.).

More ideas and IKEA hacks for boys

The children's room is a very special place. It's where they learn, play, laugh, cry and discover the world. So that your boys can develop optimally and discover their interests, you can customise the children's room for your children.

In this blog article, we have already introduced you to our Limmaland adhesive foils suitable for the IKEA KURA shelf bunk bed and TROFAST shelf. However, there are many other enchanting furnishing ideas, inspiration and the most beautiful children's room decorations in our shop just waiting to be discovered by you.

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