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Weltraum Kinderzimmer Dekoration

5 tips for your WELTRAUM children's room

Imaginative WELTRAUM decorations in the nursery are just the thing for little explorers. With our versatile adhesive foils, you can enchant the realm of the little ones.

1. Creative WELTRAUM decoration for the nursery wall

With our versatile sticker sets, you can conjure up planets and stars on the wall in your child's room. You can be creative when sticking them on and combine different wall stickers.
Wandsticker Planeten fĂŒr Kinderzimmer
"My father explains our night sky to me every Saturday." - Make this educational slogan come true and transform your white wall into a WELTRAUM dream for your favourite little people.
Wandsticker Sterne fĂŒr Kinderzimmer
Together with the stars, your planet wall becomes a shining starry sky in the children's room.

2. Storage space and decoration cleverly combined in the WELTRAUM children's room

Wandsticker Sterne fĂŒr Kinderzimmer
With our wall foils for the IKEA picture rails in WELTRAUM design, you can enchant the galactic children's room - even personalised with children's names. Your favourite treasures will find a place of honour here.

Discover the most beautiful wall decorations for your WELTRAUM room


Sticker set 48 pieces

3. Spaceship into the realm of dreams

ikea kura hochbett mit planetenfolie

3 steps to a spaceship bed in the children's room:

1. Stick planet foil to the fronts of the IKEA KURA bunk bed.
2. For the perfect astronaut cave: Attach curtain rods with curtains.
3. Stick on planet and star wall stickers. For the perfect starry sky for your little explorers.

4. Toniebox in WELTRAUM design

ikea kura hochbett mit planetenfolie

The popular sound system also gets a new look in the WELTRAUM children's room. The protective film for the Toniebox can also be personalised. And the charging station is also waiting in the wings at RAKETE.

5. WELTRAUM-Room for Lego fans

Kinderzimmer Jungen Weltraum Astronaut

We have developed the perfect playing surface for our young astronauts. Our high-quality decal for the WELTRAUM- play table is the ideal backdrop for LEGO & Co. The scratch-resistant design film is available to fit various pieces of IKEA furniture perfectly.