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Mounting instructions


decal for IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen

Made in Germany

CE Zeichen


  • All wall/play films are suitable for children aged 3 and over and for indoor use only. If you do not apply the film immediately, please keep it out of the reach of children. It may only be used by children once it has been applied.
  • The film may only be applied to furniture with a sufficient surface area. The film must not protrude beyond the furniture.
  • Our play foils may only be used under adult supervision and should be checked for any damage before use. The play furniture must NOT be used if parts are damaged.
  • If a corner of the film no longer sticks due to repeated peeling, the toy no longer fulfils the safety requirements and must be taken out of circulation.
  • If the film is removed and reapplied to another wall or another piece of furniture, the toy no longer fulfils the safety requirements due to changes in the adhesive properties and must be removed from circulation .

Mounting instructions

1. Preparation

Unscrew the handles from play kitchen and put everything to one side to be reassembled later.

Your IKEA furniture should be clean and free of dust and grease before laminate. Therefore, thoroughly clean all furniture surfaces to be covered and then dry them with a cloth.

You will find 2 long adhesive strips on the backing paper. Depending on which kitchen model you have, you should use either the wide or the narrow strip so that the decal fits perfectly.
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2. Remove the backing paper

Small pieces can be removed from the backing paper immediately. For large pieces of film, only peel off a strip of backing paper approx. 10 cm wide to begin with. This will prevent the large adhesive surface from sticking to another adhesive surface and make it easier to apply. It is best to apply large surfaces together with a second person .

Tip: To make things easier, carefully cut the individual stickers apart with scissors to make them easier to stick.

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3. Position and apply the film

Now hold the film at two corners and stick it slowly onto the surface to be covered. If bubbles appear or you have stuck yourself down, you can slowly and carefully peel off the film at a 45° angle and reposition it.

You can now continue to peel off the backing paper piece by piece and apply the film. Use your hand or a cloth to smooth out the film and press out any bubbles.

Tip: Our films are slightly smaller than the IKEA furniture surface so that nothing sticks out on either side and alignment is easier for you. Please bear this in mind when applying.

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4. Fitting the handles

To refit the handles, use a screwdriver to pierce the existing holes in the film. Now you can screw the handles on as usual.

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Removal instructions

We have the following tip for you for removing the film from the furniture: Heat the film with a hairdryer and peel it off carefully and slowly at a 45° angle. Please note that we have no information about the condition of the furniture or your wall. It can therefore not be ruled out that colours, wallpaper, paintwork or other surfaces may be damaged when the film is removed.

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