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Attachment instructions

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CE Zeichen


  • All wall/play foils are suitable for children from 3 years of age and for indoor use only. If you do not apply the film immediately, please keep it out of the reach of children. It must not be used by children until it is stuck down.
  • The film may only be applied to furniture with sufficient surface area. The foils must not protrude beyond the piece of furniture.
  • Our play foils may only be used under adult supervision and should be inspected for any damage before use. The piece of play furniture must NOT be used if any parts are damaged.
  • If a corner of the foil no longer adheres due to repeated nibbling, the toy no longer meets the safety requirements and must be removed from circulation.
  • If the film is peeled off and re-adhered to another wall or another piece of furniture, the toy no longer meets the safety requirements due to changed adhesive properties and must be removed from circulation .

Attachment instructions

1. Clean the furniture

Make sure that the surface to be glued is clean and dry.

2. Measure the surface to be glued

Measure the surface to be glued with a ruler or tape measure.
Möbelstück ausmessen

3. Draw the measurements

Use a pencil to draw the measurements you took earlier for the piece of furniture onto the foil.

4. Cut the foil to size

Then cut the foil to size with scissors or a cutter knife.
Maße aufzeichnen
Folie schneiden

5. Sticking on the foil

Carefully remove one corner of the film from the backing paper and place it on your piece of furniture. You can now peel off the backing paper piece by piece and stick the film on. Use your hand or a cloth to smooth out the film and press out any bubbles. 
Folie anbringen

Instructions for removing the film

We have the following tip for removing the film from the piece of furniture: Heat the film with a hair dryer and carefully and slowly pull it off at a 45° angle. Please note that we do not have any information about the condition of the piece of furniture or your wall at . It is therefore not possible to exclude the possibility that the film may be damaged. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that paint, wallpaper, varnish or other surfaces may be damaged when removing the film.

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