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Ready for action in the FEUERWEHR children's room

Turn your children's room into an exciting fire station with the right decorations. Discover inspiring ideas and tips on how to transform IKEA furniture into an exciting place of action with FEUERWEHR accessories.

A boy plays with building blocks on the floor of his nursery
IKEA Hack IKEA FLISAT Spieltisch Spielstraße


Klebefolie fĂŒr DIY Spieltisch


Decal for IKEA KURA bed


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Stickers for IKEA TROFAST box head side


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Stickers for IKEA TROFAST box head side

Inspiration for the ultimate FEUERWEHR children's room

You can easily transform your little firefighting fan's nursery into an exciting firefighting world. How? With the right decorative elements for your IKEA furniture! With a few creative ideas, you can create the ultimate FEUERWEHR children's room in which your child feels completely at ease and can fully pursue their passion for FEUERWEHR!

Colour scheme in the fire brigade room: red and blue dominate

When choosing the colours for your little firefighter hero's nursery, you can dive straight into the world of lifesavers. Red and blue are the main players in transforming the room into a true firefighting adventure. Wall tattoos and furniture stickers can help you do this. The room will not only be a visual eye-catcher, but also functionally adapted to the needs of little firefighter fans. Let yourself be inspired and design the children's room with attention to detail in the classic fire brigade colours - your little heroes will love it!

Furniture and accessories: everything for little firefighters

Imagine how bright your little firefighter's eyes will be when he or she enters their new nursery! With simple IKEA furniture, you can easily create an exciting FEUERWEHR children's room. Of course, you can find the matching accessories here at Limmaland. From the bunk bedin the shape of a fire engine to the matching dollhouse wallpaper with a fire brigade motif - every child's heart will beat faster here. Practical accessories such as storage boxes for toys or small details such as stools with fire engines round off the overall picture. With these lovely details, the children's room is not only functional, but also a real eye-catcher.

Practical storage solutions in the children's room FEUERWEHR

Imagine how tidy and functional your little firefighting fan's FEUERWEHR nursery could be! With practical storage solutions, you can make sure that all the fire engines and toys are in their place. Think about whether shelves from IKEA or boxes with fire brigade motifs would be the perfect choice. Don't forget to think about the POLIZEI vehicles too - for a varied collection. This will make the FEUERWEHR children's room a real eye-catcher and keep it tidy at all times.

Dream children's room for little firefighting fans

Get started right away and design the most beautiful FEUERWEHR children's room! With a little creativity, you can design a children's room that not only looks beautiful, but is also functional. Turn the fire brigade room into a place full of adventure and fun!