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Build your own mud kitchen - in just 5 minutes

The mud kitchen is great outdoor fun for kids in spring and summer! 
On the balcony or in the garden, the mini sandbox is just the thing for the warm season. Discover now how you can build your own mud kitchen in 5 minutes.

Only 3 steps to your mud kitchen 

Building a Mud Kitchen Basic Framework

Step 1: Basic structure from IKEA boxes

The basis of your DIY mud kitchen are simple boxes made of wood and plastic from IKEA. Our tip: Instead of the wooden boxes you can also use beverage crates!

Building a Mud Kitchen Adhesive Foils

Step 2: Stick the design foil onto the lid

Stick the lids of the IKEA TROFAST boxes or the DÄCKEL alternative from the Limmaland with the custom-fit stickers. The foils are CE-certified, weatherproof, UV-resistant and ensure maximum fun!

Mud kitchen DIY with IKEA

Step 3: Fill boxes with water and sand

And the mud kitchen is already set up! You can now fill the plastic boxes with sand and water. Add a few moulds - and the play can begin!

DÄCKEL - The new alternative to the TROFAST lid

Unfortunately, the TROFAST lids are currently sold out at IKEA and are expected to be completely removed from the range. For all those who do not yet have TROFAST lids at home, we have developed an alternative so that you do not have to do without the mud kitchen.

Choose the right set for your mud kitchen

So that you order the right products for your mud kitchen, you should ask yourself: Do you already have the IKEA TROFAST lids because you already have them at home or could buy them used? Or do you not yet have lids that you can glue on? 

YES, I have the IKEA TROFAST cover

Great, you could still get hold of the lids from IKEA . Therefore you need our adhesive foils with punched hole in the middle for the IKEA TROFAST lids. Here you can find the matching product:


NO, I do not have a lid

Don't worry, we have come up with an alternative for the IKEA TROFAST lid. You need the LIMMALAND DÄCKEL in a set with the matching foils. Here you can choose your favorite motif: