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Free shipping to DE from 59€

Your all-round carefree postcard set

✅4 x per year mail from the elf
✅automatically in your letterbox
✅Including postage costs
✅personalised with children's and Secret Santa names
Sooner or later, elf will unfortunately have to move out and saying goodbye is not easy for many children. After all, the little friend has quickly won the hearts of the whole family, but he has a mission to fulfil: He wants to explore the world and tell the children about his adventures. So it's not so hard to say goodbye, is it?

Set 1: Diverse travel experiences: From slopes to trails

Wichtel Postkarten

1. Greetings from the ski piste

The first news is not long in coming. The elf is known to be a big fan of snow. That's why he's already on the piste in February.

2. Ahoy from Captain Wichtel

Then it's off to the beach for elf. As a winter fan, does he also enjoy sailing, snorkelling and building sandcastles? He'll tell you in June.

3. Hello amusement park!

It's not far to the next adventure. The elf spends a day at the theme park. He sends you the typical picture from the water ride back home in August.

4. The mountain is calling

In October, elf takes one last trip before coming back to you. On his hiking holiday, he and his friends are already thinking up the next pranks for the Christmas season.

Set 2: Wild Africa, sweet strawberries & outdoor adventures

Wichtel Postkarten

1. On safari

The gnome's new adventures take him out into the big wide world. In March, elf will tell you which animals he discovered on his elf safari.

2. Hello sweet tooth!

After the big safari, elf is a little more down-to-earth on his second adventure. In the middle of strawberry season, he sends you a map of the strawberry field. He'll tell you what he experienced there in May.

3. Camping under the stars

Summer at last! Little elf spends it camping by the lake with lots of other elves in July.

4. Flying high!

In September, little elf is aiming high. He overcomes his fear of heights in the climbing forest and tells you about his adventures for the last time this year.

Tip: Think about saying goodbye to elf now. The postcard sets will only be available to order until mid-February 2024.