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Instructions for use


footrest for IKEA ANTILOP highchair for children

Made in Germany

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  • Please keep unused rubber rings out of the reach of children. The small rings are not toys and could be swallowed by the child.
  • The footrest may only be used with the IKEA ANTILOP highchair if the child is securely fastened with the seat belt.
  • The footrest may only be used under adult supervision.
  • The footrest is not a step and cannot support the full weight of a child. It only supports the weight of the child's legs. For this reason, the footrest can be easily unhooked after use if there is a risk of children climbing up it.

Scope of delivery

  • Footrest from birch wood
  • 6 rubber rings
Fußstütze IKEA Antilop Hochstuhl mit Ringen

Assembly instructions

  1. Clean the two front highchair legs and make sure that they are dust-free.
  2. Now roll three rubber rings over the round feet of the two front chair legs from below. The easiest way to do this is to lay the chair on the floor.
  3. Now stand the chair up again. Place one ring in the upper third and two in the lower third of each leg. Insert one end of the footrest between the rings of a chair leg. You can clamp it on the other side by holding the footrest diagonally.
  4. You can then align the footrest horizontally. Now roll the lower rubber rings up to the footrest. Roll the upper rubber rings up to the top edge of the footrest. Highchairs with footrests are important to allow your child a correct posture and ergonomics. Adjust the height of the footrest according to your child's height. The child's legs should be at a 90° angle.

Fußstütze montieren

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