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The perfect IKEA baby room: stylish, functional and affordable

Babyzimmer mit Teppich

Are you expecting your little miracle soon and can't wait to furnish your baby's room? You can rely on our favourite Swedish furniture store! Because it offers something to suit every budget and taste and is therefore a popular and trustworthy option for designing the baby's room. We want to accompany you on this exciting journey and give you an overview of the many options IKEA offers to create a stylish, functional and affordable baby room.

Reasons for a baby room from IKEA

1.Stylish design that grows with you: One of the best features of IKEA furniture is its versatility and timeless design. When furnishing a baby's room, it is important to think about the future. Much IKEA furniture is designed so that it can grow with the child. One example of this is the GULLIVER* cot, which is height-adjustable and can later be converted into a cot with removable bed sides. This means that when the time comes, the IKEA baby room can be converted into an IKEA children's room without much effort or new purchases.

Wickelkommode aus IKEA HEMNES im Babyzimmer

2.Focus on functionality: A baby room must be functional in order to meet the needs of your favourite little person. IKEA offers a wide range of functional solutions that make your life easier and are easy on your wallet in the long term. In addition to beds that grow with your child, IKEA also offers convertible changing tables, for example. Once your little one is out of nappies, you can easily convert the changing table into a normal chest of drawers, a desk or a practical shelf - without any need for super handyman skills.

3.Affordable for every budget: Furnishing a baby room can be expensive, but IKEA is known for offering affordable furniture and accessories. Whether you have a small or large budget, at IKEA you will find products for every budget. For example, the SNIGLAR range offers affordable yet high quality baby furniture such as beds and changing tables. And the best thing is that they can be easily combined with other IKEA products to personalise your baby's room

4. safety first: When furnishing a baby's room, safety is paramount. IKEA attaches great importance to ensuring that its furniture meets the highest safety standards. The furniture is made from high-quality materials and is tested for safety.

IKEA Babyzimmer Wanddeko und Möbel

What IKEA baby furniture is available?

When buying IKEA baby furniture, parents are not only faced with the decision between cheap and expensive, but there are also other decisive differences between the products in addition to the price.

The perfect IKEA baby cot

The decision for a baby cot is probably one of the most important when designing the room, as your baby needs a lot of sleep, especially at the beginning. Our self-check quiz should give you an idea of which IKEA cot models might be suitable for you as a first step.

Self-check quiz: IKEA baby cot

1) What is your budget for a baby cot?
a) Up to 200€ b) Over 200€
2) What colour do you prefer in your baby's room?
a) White or natural wood b) A bright and eye-catching colour
3) Which style of furnishing do you prefer for your baby's room?
a) Modern and minimalist b) Playful and colourful
4) What size cot do you need?
a) I don't have that much space b) I have enough space
5) How important is additional integrated storage space in the cot for you?
a) Not so important b) Very important


Majorityof answers a): Based on your answers, we recommend the IKEA models SNIGLAR*, SMÅGÖRA*, GULLIVER* or SUNDVIK*. These each offer a space-saving baby cot in your budget, in a neutral colour and a modern and minimalist design.

Majority of answers b): Based on your answers, we recommend the IKEA models GONATT* or MYLLRA*. These each offer a spacious cot in your budget, a playful (and colourful) design.

Please note that this is only a recommendation based on the answers given. It may be useful to consider other models and further consider personal preferences and needs.

Do you have an idea of which cots might be suitable? In the next step, we have put together a product overview of all the key details that could influence your decision.

First of all, we recommend that you choose a cot and the right mattress* for your little one. As soon as you know where your little one will be sleeping, you can add a matching changing table and other furniture.

Übersicht von IKEA Babybetten
Übersicht von IKEA Wickeltisch

IKEA baby room complete sets for every budget

Another important decision is based on the question of whether you want to put together the baby room individually from different product series or buy a complete set consisting of a cot, changing table and wardrobe.

2-piece baby room: Furniture sets consisting of baby cot + changing table at: SNIGLAR*, SMÅGÖRA*, SUNDVIK* and MYLLRA*.
3-piece baby room: IKEA also offers furniture sets consisting of a cot, changing table and wardrobe: SMÅGÖRA* and SUNDVIK*.

Nursing chair in the baby room

To make the baby room complete, an armchair for breastfeeding or bottle feeding is a must.
IKEA has a range of different armchairs with or without stools that offer the perfect place to snuggle up. A popular choice for the nursery is the STRANDMON* armchair, which not only looks stylish but is also available at a reasonable price.

Stillende Mutter im IKEA Stillsessel

Storage options from IKEA

It's fascinating how much clothing, toiletries and toys a little person needs. The space in the changing table and wardrobe is quickly exhausted. Organisation is needed to ensure that there is still enough storage space in the baby room in addition to the basic furnishings. Fortunately, IKEA also offers a wide range of practical storage solutions that are specially tailored to the needs of you and your little one.

  1. TheSMÅSTAD storage system*is an excellent choice for keeping the baby's room organised. It combines drawer, shelves and hanging storage in a modular system that can be customised. The drawer provides plenty of space for clothes, nappies and other baby items, while the shelves and hanging storage provide extra storage space for toys, books and decorations. The SMÅSTAD system is available in different sizes and colours so that you can adapt it perfectly to your baby's room.
  2. The KALLAX shelves* are extremely versatile and are ideal for the storage baby room. With its open compartments, the KALLAX shelving unit allows toys, books and decorative items to be presented in a clearly organised way. At the same time, you can also place baskets, boxes or storage boxes in compartments to organise smaller items and make the shelf even more functional. The KALLAX shelf is also available in different sizes and colours.
  3. TheTROFAST series*offers a wide range of modular storage solutions that have been specially developed for children. With its drawer and boxes, the TROFAST furniture allows you to organise toys, clothes and other baby items storage neatly. You can adjust the size and arrangement of the drawer and boxes as required and thus make optimum use of the storage space. The TROFAST range also offers colourful options to make the baby room cheerful and appealing.
  4. If you are looking for a larger storage solution for the baby room, thePLATSA wardrobes*are an excellent choice. With their variable sizes and combination options, PLATSA wardrobes can be customised to fit the available space. You can customise the interior of the wardrobes with clothes rails, shelves and drawer to suit your needs, creating a tailor-made storage solution for the baby's room.

IKEA hacks for the baby room

Making a big difference with small steps. Creative minds like us at Limmaland regularly think about how any IKEA product can add more value to everyday life. So there are also great IKEA hacks for the baby room that parents should know about:

Wickelkommode organisieren

The FLISAT wall storage unit as a decorative mini clothes rail or bookshelf: with the custom-fit FLISAT decal from Limmaland, the baby room becomes even cosier. And you decide what use the wall shelf has in the baby room. You can either use the shelf as a bookshelf as recommended by IKEA or as a hanging clothes rail for rompers, dresses or sleeping bags. To do this, simply mount the wall storage the other way round.

The IKEA RÅSKOG mobile shelving unit as a mobile changing station: The practical RÅSKOG* mobile shelving unit can be converted into a mobile changing station. Fill the baskets with all the necessary nappy-changing utensils. This means you always have everything you need for nappy changing within easy reach and can move and park it wherever it suits you best. Later, the RÅSKOG can be used as a serving trolley in the kitchen or as an organisational aid when doing handicrafts.

Attention to detail with furniture handles: Would you like to pimp up the cupboard doors or chest drawers in your baby's room with just a few simple steps? Then discover our handles from Limmaland.

DIY learning tower for little kitchen helpers: Time flies and little ones can already stand and walk on their own. A phase of curious exploration begins. With the BEKVÄM* or ODDVAR* stool and the yard goodsin familiar Limmaland motifs, you can build your own IKEA learning tower and take your favourite person with you when cooking, for example.

Learning to walk with the FLISAT stool: The stool from the FLISAT series* is not only suitable for sitting on, but also helps your child to learn to walk. Of course, Limmaland adhesive foils with great motifs are also available for the FLISAT stool. When the customisable and personalisable stool is not in use, it becomes a great decorative item and eye-catcher in the baby's room.

From versatile baby furniture to practical storage solutions - IKEA offers everything you need for a perfect baby room. With a focus on safety and quality, you can rest assured that the room is both beautiful and safe when you buy IKEA baby furniture. And for that little bit extra, you can find matching IKEA hacks for your IKEA baby and children's room in Limmaland.

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