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Adventskalender aus Klorollen

The best DIY advent calendars - incl. free craft template

Advent calendar to fill

Discover the best ideas for DIY Advent calendars to fill for children. Including a free craft template for your homemade Advent calendar.
Adventskalender aus Klorollen

Advent calendar made from loo rolls

An advent calendar doesn't always have to be a lot of effort. We've come up with an idea that you probably already have everything you need at home. Well, you'll probably have to collect the loo rolls for a while first. Or you could just ask your neighbours and friends. Then you can get started right away!

What you need:

  • Craft template for Advent calendar toilet paper (see below)
  • 24 toilet rolls or kitchen paper rolls cut into small pieces
  • Rubber bands or adhesive strips
  • IKEA KNAGGLIG* box small (23x31x15cm)
Adventskalender aus Klorollen

Download craft template for DIY advent calendar

Simply enter your details in the form below. You will then receive the craft template for the Advent calendar, as well as many other craft templates, to print out free of charge.

And this is how it works:

Download the craft template and print it out in colour. Now cut out the 24 circles and place them over the opening of the toilet roll. You can attach the paper circles either with an elastic band or with adhesive strips or colourful washi tape. You can then fill the rolls and place them in the KNAGGLIG box. Your DIY advent calendar is ready.

Adventskalender aus Klorollen

Filling an advent calendar

The rolls can be filled with lots of great little things, such as small cuddly toys or finger puppets, toy cars, vouchers, hair jewellery, soap bubbles or even something to snack on.
Your little ones can either take the filled rolls out of the box to see what's inside. Or they can simply pierce the paper. The latter is much more fun, we think ;)
Adventskalender aus Klorollen

More ideas for Advent calendars to fill

DIY advent calendar with the IKEA MOPPE

The IKEA MOPPE* Mini chest of drawers is the perfect storage for all sorts of bits and bobs on the desk or in the children's room.

But the small compartments are also ideal as an Advent calendar to fill. You can write 4 numbers on each drawer using blackboard film. This way, there is room for 24 small parcels in the DIY IKEA advent calendar.

Adventskalender Moppe Hack


From €17.95
Panel film for IKEA MOPPE


From €17.95
Panel film for IKEA MOPPE

Building an advent calendar out of wood

If you enjoy craft projects, you can also build your own DIY Advent calendar out of wood. To do this, screw wooden planks together to form a frame, stretch wires or strings between the frame and hang the 24 parcels inside. A DIY Advent calendar to fill that can also be used again next year.
Adventskalender DIY

IKEA advent calendar with a difference

We find this idea of an Advent calendar to fill particularly cute. The IKEA FLISAT dollhouse* has simply been converted into a DIY advent calendar.
The 24 presents are simply nicely wrapped and decorated with numbers and placed in the small dollhouse. A string of lights and a foil for the back side of the IKEA doll's house create the perfect cosy atmosphere. And after 24 December, the little house can be played with again with dolls.
Adventskalender DIY
Hintergrund beige

The elf as an alternative to the Advent calendar

Do you already know the elf? Elf is the little helper of Father Christmas and the Christ Child and creates great anticipation for Christmas. At night, he sneaks out of his elf door and enchants your home with Christmas preparations. But he's also a bit of a prankster and likes to get up to mischief to make your children laugh. Always creative and charming, of course. 24 days full of magic!
Wichteltür mit Zubehör
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