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Maltisch Tafelfolie IKEA FLISAT

Blackboard film - colouring fun in the children's room

Kind und Großeltern spielen am IKEA FLISAT Multifunktionstisch

Blackboard foils - colouring fun in the children's room

Blackboard foils are a fantastic way to bring creativity and colouring fun into the children's room.

with our adhesive foils, you can easily transform pieces of IKEA furniture into interactive boards that invite children of all ages to colour and write.

Tafelfolie IKEA DUKTIG

IKEA furniture with a personal touch

IKEA furniture is known for its simple design and functionality. But sometimes it only takes a little to transform it into something special.

In addition to being fun to paint, blackboard foils also offer a simple solution for adding a personal touch to minimalist pieces of furniture.

Whether it's a table, chest of drawers or play kitchen - with our blackboard foils, you can turn IKEA furniture into individual art surfaces for your favourite little people.

IKEA hack: Blackboard foils for the children's room

Discover our must-have foils in this blog article, with which you can easily and cleverly upgrade popular IKEA furniture and transform the children's room into a creative space in no time!

Design film - IKEA MOPPE Mini- chest of drawers

Give the IKEA MOPPE a new look with our KREIDEREICH blackboard film and bring organisation into the mini chest of drawers!

With this clever blackboard film, you can use the drawer of the MOPPE customize as a practical organiser. Simply stick it on, label it and store your kids' things in an organised way - making tidying up a breeze!


Adventskalender Moppe Hack

DIY advent calendar with blackboard foil

Discover a magical way to transform your IKEA Moppe into a unique Advent calendar!

With our IDEENREICH blackboard foil, you can transform the drawer of your Moppe into individual Advent compartments.

Let your creativity run wild and surprise your loved ones with a message or a little something every day until Christmas.

Advent calendar crafting

Blackboard film - IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen

Whether Christmas market stall or kiosk - transform the back side of the IKEA DUKTIG into a creative SPIELWIESE for your little ones with our KREIDIG blackboard film!

And bring an extra dose of fun and creativity into the children's room!


Weihnachtsmarkt im Kinderzimmer

From IKEA play kitchen to the Christmas market stall

The Christmas markets are open and the festive atmosphere fills the air. So why not conjure up this magic in your child's room?

Find out how you can transform the IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen into a cosy Christmas market stall for your little ones in no time at all with our KREIDIG blackboard film.

Create a Christmas market!

Order stickers - IKEA TROFAST shelf

Our KREIDEREICH order stickers are the solution for bringing organisation to the TROFAST shelf in just a few minutes.

These clever stickers make it quick and easy to structure the shelf so that toys, books and other items can be sorted and organised effortlessly.

This makes tidying up a breeze!


Blackboard foils for popular IKEA children's tables

Here you'll find a selection of chalkboard foils that you can use to easily transform the popular IKEA children's tables into large canvases for your little artists.

From IKEA FLISAT children's table to painting table

With our blackboard film IDEENREICH, you can transform the IKEA FLISAT children's table into a giant canvas for your little artists in no time at all!

This clever film is easy to apply to the table and creates an interactive painting surface where your kids can let their creativity run wild.

Blackboard film for IKEA FLISAT

Tafelfolie IKEA FLISAT
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