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Osterdeko Osterhasen aus Gewüzgläsern

Crafting Easter decorations with children

Osterhasen als Osterkörbchen

Crafting Easter decorations with children

Easter time is something very special.

Spring is approaching, the birds are chirping happily again and the first flowers are beginning to bloom. It really makes us want to get some fresh ideas for our homes.

Colouring Easter eggs is great fun, but what other DIYs are there? We at show you the best craft ideas for Easter with children.

Making an Easter basket

An Easter basket is a must ! Whether as decoration or to collect the little presents from the Easter bunny in on Easter Sunday.

With this super simple DIY, you'll have a cute homemade Easter basket in no time at all. You can download the free crafting template using the form below.

Make an Easter basket

Colouring Easter eggs with children

Colouring eggs for Easter is THE classic among the DIYs and craft ideas for Easter and is simply part of every year. But how about a little variety?

This time we coloured our eggs with shaving foam and sugar. And one thing we can already say: it was a lot of fun and the results really impressed us.

Colouring Easter eggs

Crafting with salt dough

We love salt dough, do you?

Then we have a great collection of cute Easter ideas made from salt dough for you from the blog Rockmyday.

Crafting with salt dough

Osterdeko Osterhasen aus Gewüzgläsern

Easter decorations made from spice jars

Easter bunnies made from spice jars? It's possible!

We'll show you how you can create cute Easter decorations from ordinary spice jars in no time at all using our free print template.

Bastelvorlage Osterdeko Gewürzglas

What you need

  • Spice jars
  • some sturdy paper for your printer
  • free craft template "Easter bunny made from spice jars" (available below via the form)
  • Scissors and glue
  • Filling for your Easter basket

Download free Easter craft templates

Simply enter your details in the form. And you can look forward to receiving the free Easter craft templates in your e-mail inbox.
Osterhasen basteln zum Befüllen

And this is how it works

  1. You can download our craft templates using the form above. Simply print them out - preferably in colour and on a slightly sturdier paper.
  2. Now cut out the bunnies along the contours.
  3. Now coat the back side of the cut-out bunny heads with glue and stick them to the lid of the spice jar.

And your fillable Easter bunny is ready for use!

Osterdeko Basteln Kresse-Eier

Cress eggs as Easter decoration

In parts of Scandinavia, it is traditional to sow lawns shortly before Easter to herald the arrival of spring. We thought that you could also use cress for this. Then you can even eat it afterwards.

Image source: DIY Family

Osterdeko Basteln Kresse

What you need

  • several eggs
  • Cress seeds
  • Cotton wool or cotton pads
  • pens or paint to colour the eggs if necessary
Osterdeko Basteln Kresseei

And this is how it works

  1. Carefully tap the eggs in one place so that you can break off the top part of the egg. Make sure that most of the egg remains intact. After all, you still want to plant the cress.
  2. Next, you can colour the eggs however you like. Contact As the eggs could come into contact with water when watering the cress, it would be a good idea if the paint is waterproof.
  3. Now all you have to do is place 1-2 cotton pads or a piece of cotton wool in each egg and sprinkle the cress seeds on top.
  4. In order for the cress to grow, it needs to be watered regularly. It should not stand in water, but make sure that the cotton wool is always slightly damp. After a while, the cress should have grown well and look similar to the DIY Family.

    Our tip: You can use the contents of the egg to make scrambled eggs, for example.
Osterdeko Basteln Stöckchenhasen

Easter bunny made from twigs

This cute idea is perfect for our little ones. First of all, you need to get out into the fresh air, as you will need several small forks of branch.

Osterdeko Basteln Zubehör

What you need

  • small branch forks
  • Wool, felt ribbons or similar
  • 1 white and 1 black pen to colour in the branches
  • optional: craft paper in your favourite colour and glue
Osterdeko Basteln Stock

And this is how it works

  1. Start by wrapping the wool around the long section of the branch. But leave a little space up to the fork.
  2. This is where you will draw the bunny's eyes with a white and black pencil.
  3. The long bunny ears form the forks of the branch. If you want even cooler ears , you can now cut out bunny ears from craft paper and glue them to the branch. Cute, isn't it?
Osterdeko Basteln Hunde hilft mit

But watch out, dogs love the cute bunnies too. This is what it looked like when our office dog Poldi got our Easter bunny between his paws...

Happy Easter!

We wish you lots of fun with your crafting!
And if you're still looking for ideas for beautiful Easter gifts, then take a look at our shop.
Or discover more craft ideas for the whole family.

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